Premier Seals Manufacturing manufactures gaskets, washers and a multitude of rubber products for various industrial and automotive applications.

All materials are inspected before being approved for production. Once into production each and every stage of the manufacturing process is monitored constantly. The tolerance of the finished goods are maintained strictly as per the specifications pertaining to the customer.

The quality control department of Premier Seals Manufacturing is managed by highly qualified trained personnel, using state of the art quality control instrumentation and techniques.


Premier Seals Manufacturing

, we offer a wide variety of services. Listed below are some of our more common services. Some examples of our finished products encompass spiral wound, exhaust, sanitary, Full Face, felt and foam gaskets and seals. No matter what your application, we want to be your "go to" source.

  • Consulting - You can contact us about your application for recommendations.
  • Expedited Delivery - Rush delivery available.
  • Material Selection - A wide variety of non-metallic materials available.
  • Die-Cutting - Product cut to your specifications.
  • Packaging/Shipping - Product packaged and shipped per your requirements.
  • Customer Service - Fast and friendly service the way it should be.
  • Custom Tooling - Tooling made to your specifications.
  • Extruded Products - Dense and Sponge Rubber extrusions.
  • Custom Molding - Molded Rubber to your requirements.
  • Kiss-Cutting - our kiss-cut materials are available on pressure sensitive adhesive, for ease of application in your production.
  • Hand Cutting - Some smaller quantities can be hand cut to avoid the expense of a tool.
  • Water-Jet Cut - Precision cutting on harder or thicker materials.
  • Lathe Cuts - Can avoid tooling expenses on higher volume runs.
  • Slitting - Many materials slit to your requirements.
  • Grommeting – Protective eyelets placed in hole to prevent tearing.
  • Volcanizing – Also known as splicing, creates an endless fitting seal.
  • Adhesive Availability - Adhesive can be added to virtually all materials to allow easy peel and stick application.

Premier Seals Services

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