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Natural rubber is a popular material for manufacturers to use because of its superior qualities. Some benefits of natural rubber include a high stretch ratio, great resilience and a waterproof surface.

Most natural rubber is obtained by tapping into the latex of the para rubber tree or similar trees. After being harvested, this latex is refined and prepared for commercial use. The properties of rubber extracted from a para tree were first discovered in South America by a Frenchman, and this discovery gradually led to the use of rubber for products across Europe.

Today, natural rubber is found being used across many different industries in a wide range of products around the world. Here at Premier Seals Manufacturing, we primarily use natural rubber to manufacture natural rubber gaskets and washers.

Quick Facts on Natural Rubber Gaskets & Seals

(NR….Polyisoprene) General Temperature Range -20/+185 F

Generally resistant to:
Water, air and average concentration acids. Bases, alcohols, salts, ketones, and has the best abrasion resistance.

Generally affected or attacked by:
Strong acids, ozone, bases, oils, solvents, and most hydrocarbons.

This material is typically collected in the form of latex from specific trees. Once the milky substance is refined, the rubber is ready for commercial use. Natural rubber has a large stretch ratio and resilience which can be useful when needed. This extremely waterproof material is used for many products you may use on a daily bases such as the shoes you wear.

Natural Rubber, also known as “GUM” rubber has good tensile strength and tear resistance.

Because of its elasticity and resilience, natural rubber is used in many different applications. Here at Premier Seals Manufacturing, we create natural rubber gaskets and natural rubber washers. Rubber makes a great seal because it is resistant to water and many other fluids. Natural rubber gaskets, for instance, do an excellent job of sealing up a small space between two components and preventing any leaks during operation. In combustion engines, natural rubber gaskets can help to maintain the compression that is essential to create power. Other applications include:

  • Rain gear
  • Air hoses
  • Chemical tubing
  • Shock absorbers

Premier Seals Manufacturing is proud to be among the best natural rubber washer manufacturers in the country. For a product that you can trust, just contact Premier Seals. We are also a leader among natural rubber gasket manufacturers. Whatever kinds of seals or gaskets you need for your equipment, we have the tools and expertise to create them for you. The many services that we offer make it easy to work with us. We realize that each customer has a different set of needs, so we are happy to offer custom natural rubber gaskets and washers that are made to order based on your specifications and design plan. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, just get in touch with us or request a quote to see what we can do for you.

Quality Assurance
Our extensive knowledge in rubber manufacturing makes us an excellent choice if you are in need of a natural rubber gasket manufacturer or a natural rubber washer manufacturer. With capabilities like extrusion, molding and die cutting all in our state of the art facility, there’s very little that we can’t do in terms of rubber manufacturing. Premier Seals also works very closely with all of our material suppliers so that we can control the quality of our products and always meet the needs of customers by having the right quantities on hand at all times. Competitive pricing and amazing customer service meet at Premier Seals!

Other Materials
As great as natural rubber may be, it is by no means the only product that we work with. At Premier Seals, we have a wide variety of quality materials for you to choose from so that you’ll have the best possible resources for your product. From urethane to felt to silicone and beyond, just contact us and we can provide whatever you need!

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