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We work with a number of different non-metallic materials in our line of work. One of our choice materials is our EPDM rubber material. This material is ideal for virtually any outdoor application because of its natural resistance to the elements. Whether it is found in hoses, weather sealing, or O-rings, EPDM rubber is the perfect choice for your outside application.

(EPT….Ethylene Propylene) General Temperature Range -20/+300 F

Generally resistant to:
Vegetable and animal fats. Oils, ozone, and many strong and oxidizing chemicals. Ketones and alcohols.

Generally affected or attacked by:
Mineral oils, solvents, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

This material is well known for its resistance to weather. This material is used for various seals which can be found on automotive doors, hatches, and windows; all of which also reduces sound. Since it is resistant to poor climate, it can be found in outdoor products such as hoses, pond liners and O-rings. On a larger scale, EPDM is used for rubber roofing which can be found on commercial buildings.

EPDM is ideal for outdoor applications because of its excellent ozone and weather resistance.

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EPDM rubber is a great material to use for rubber seals or rubber gaskets due to its resistance to oils and oxidizing chemicals. We have years of experience with die cutting and rubber extrusions so you can be sure that we will be able to manufacture a solution for virtually any need you may have.

We work with our customers throughout the process in order to better understand their specifications and so they can be sure the product they receive at the end of the process is a product that will fit their application and add value to their business. So if you are looking for high quality rubber gaskets or if you simply require die cutting services, turn to the experts at Premier Seals Manufacturing. We work with a number of different materials like EPDM in order to better serve our customers. If you are unsure of which material may be the best choice for your application we would be happy to suggest a material and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages for each material.

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