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Felt is one of the many materials that we offer; this material has a wide range of uses from seals and gaskets to dust shields and noise reducers. While we work with felt in a number of applications we have found that felt is one of the best materials when working with kiss-cutting. We say this because felt contributes to the ease of assembly and works well with pressure sensitive adhesives.

Premier Seals Manufacturing can produce a wide variety of felt products and materials for many different uses. There are many different felt thicknesses and densities. Some available are:

  • SAE grade wool felt
  • Pressed wool felt
  • Needled felt
  • Polyester felt

Felt is an ideal material for kiss-cutting where pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) are needed and ease of assembly is required.

This material is a condensed, pressing of fibers which is typically made of wool or synthetic fibers. Although felt is typically thought of as a soft material, there are several types including some that are hard and tough enough to reach construction standards. There is a wide variety of uses for this material, for example: seals, washers, spacers, stripping, discs, anti-vibration and anti-squeak pads, bumpers, bushings, noise reduction linings, vibration mounts, shock dampeners, heat barriers, wipers, oil and grease retainers, dust and fuel oil filters, sound deadening, padding, insulation, plugs, light seals, lamp bases, lubrication wicking, dust shields and filters. Various colors can be produced per request.

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As you can see felt can be used for a number of different applications, and premier seals manufacturing can provide you with products that will fit these felt applications. If you are not sure if felt is the right material for your project, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today for more information on felt and all of our non-metallic materials. We look forward to hearing from you and starting a working relationship that will result in getting you the best possible product.


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