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One of our non-metallic materials we work with is Viton. This synthetic rubber is incredibly resistant to a variety of abuses like acids and certain hydrocarbons. Viton is also reliable up to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit; however the material can leak fluids at high temperatures due to decomposition.

(Fluorocarbon….Fluorinated Hydrocarbon) General Temperature Range +10/+450 F

Generally resistant to:
All aromatic, aliphatic, and halogenated hydrocarbons. Also many acids, animal and vegetable oils.

Generally affected or attacked by:
Ketones, esters, and nitro containing compounds.

This synthetic rubber is relatively popular for the production of O-rings and molded parts. It can also be used in linings of hose for automotive when biodiesel is used. This material should not be used in areas where high temperatures exist due to the decomposition and leaking of fluids from specific compounds.

Viton is known for its higher temperature resistance along with the ability to withstand many solvents, acids, fuels, and oils.

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Through the years we have found that Viton is a perfect material to use for rubber seals or gaskets due to its resistance to acids and oils. We have seen that the Viton material we use in our products has been very effective in a variety of applications across a number of different industries.

If you are unsure if Viton is the right rubber for your application, our experts at Premier Seals Manufacturing would be happy to listen to your application and the industry you work in. We will then offer up a few suggestions for materials based on what we think would best fit your application, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each material. We know that in order for our business to succeed, our customers’ business must also succeed.


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