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One non-metallic material that we have a lot of experience with is PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylence. This material has an extensive temperature range and is resistant to virtually every known liquid chemical. Because of this resistance to chemicals and its ability to be used at high temperatures it makes this material ideal for a number of different applications from a friction reducer to pipework and more.

(AFMU….Tetrafluoro Ethylene Resin) General Temperature Ranges -120/+500 F

Generally resistant to:
Most known fluid chemicals.

Generally affected or attacked by:
Molten, alkali metals, fluorine, and related compounds.

The material is waterproof due to its compounds such as fluorine which is high in electronegativity. PTFE is perhaps the material we handle that produces the least amount of friction against solids. Therefore it can be used in machines as a friction reducer to decrease energy-use and heat. Popular uses for PTFE are pipework or containers for corrosive and reactive chemicals; this is due to its non-reactive characteristics.

PTFE is known for its chemical resistance and higher operating temperatures.

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Due to the chemical resistant nature of the material we have found that PTFE makes a great material to use on seals and other applications where waterproofing is necessary as the material will not be run down or corrode from fluid chemicals.

While we offer a variety of non-metallic materials, we understand each of them and which application they are better suited for. If you are not sure which material might be best for your specific application, our knowledgeable experts are ready to assist you in finding the right material. We have experience with a number of industries and even more applications, we will be able to suggest the best material and explain why this material will fit your specifications. If you are looking for a PTFE product or any non-metallic material, do not hesitate to call us today!


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